Care for Treasure


Every Shilpsutra outfit is made with 100% pure cotton, pure silk organza, intricately embroidered with cotton thread. To ensure that the delicacy and softness of your garment are maintained, please follow the instructions:

Use cold water: Conserve energy and color! Choosing cold water is not only better for the environment, but it also helps to conserve the fragile fabric and color of the item.

The outfits are dry clean friendly. Do not bleach or use chlorine.


In case they have a spot of dirt, simply wipe them clean with a mild cleanser like a handwash and a soft clean cloth.

For embellished shoes – Each embellishment is hand embroidered securely. A little pouch of extra embellishments is given with each purchase as well.

You can even dry clean your shoes to preserve them longer.

We recommend that you always keep the juttis wrapped in the muslin bag that comes along with your precious purchase. Muslin cloth lets the product breathe easily and keeps it shining for long.

Things to remember!

* It's best to avoid water in leather base juttis and loafers.

*Shoes like the sliders and kolapuri are water-resistant and can withstand some water.

*Keep the shoes moist free to preserve them for longer.